The largest patient in British medical history recalls 22,000 people who may be infected by a dentist

According to the British “Guardian” reported on November 12 2021, about 22,000 dental patients in England were treated improperly by their dentists in the infection control process and were urged to report the results of tests for COVID-19,HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses. According to foreign media, this is the largest patient recall in the history of British medical treatment.
According to reports, the National Health Service of England is trying to track dental patients who have been treated by the dentist Desmond D’Mello. Desmond had worked in a dental clinic in Debrok, Nottinghamshire for 32 years.
The National Health Service of England stated that Desmond himself was not infected with a blood-borne virus and therefore there was no danger of being infected by him. However, continuing investigations have confirmed that the patient treated by the dentist may have been infected with a blood-borne virus because the dentist has repeatedly violated cross-infection control standards when treating the patient.
The National Health Service of England has set up a dedicated telephone line on this matter. A temporary community clinic in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, helped patients affected by the incident.
Nottinghamshire Medical Chief Piper Blake has called for all dental patients who have been treated with Desmond over the past 30 years to contact the National Health Service System for examinations and blood tests.
Last year, after confirming that a dentist was infected with HIV, the British health department contacted the 3,000 patients he had treated and urgently asked them to conduct a free HIV test to confirm whether they were infected.
Dental clinics have become a potential source of infection. There have been many precedents. Some media reported in March last year that a dentist in the Oklahoma State of the United States had the risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis virus in approximately 7,000 patients due to the use of unclean instruments. Hundreds of patients who were notified came to the designated medical institutions on March 30 to receive tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or HIV.

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Post time: Aug-31-2022